How To Incorporate Fitness Into Your Busy Lifestyle

by | Dec 14, 2019 | Fitness Lifestyle

Well NEXT week maybe things will slow down and I can get back on track!” 

Sound familiar? No matter how much you might try to convince yourself of this fact, things never really “slow down,” do they? Instead of waiting for that elusive free time, use your business as motivation to commit to what’s most important to you. And if regular exercise is on that list, we’ve got some tips for you.

Fewer “chores,” more fun!

You’re so much more likely to stick to an exercise routine if you actually enjoy it. Listen to your body and brain when planning out your week. If they’re telling you “we hate running!” then listen to them! When the hour you’ve budgeted for your run arrives, you’ll probably prioritize anything over running — maybe even your taxes. Think of your workout routine as a chance to experiment with your likes and dislikes to really find a mixture of activity you look forward to. When fitness adds value and joy to your day, you won’t just make time for it. You’ll actually look forward to it.

Work WITH your schedule

Similarly, you’ll find yourself making more time for fitness if it already fits into your hectic schedule. If you’re not a morning person and you schedule all of your workouts at 6 a.m., the chances of you following through are slim! That’s okay — it means you need to work with your natural preferences by holding time open during other chunks of your day. Maybe a couple of lunch workouts and a few evening workouts is what you need. Additionally, your exercise preferences could vary! Maybe you prefer to gradually ease into the week, with a yoga practice Monday followed by a jog on Tuesday. Try mapping out your schedule at the beginning of each week, taking into account your workout preferences and availability. And then hold yourself accountable for keeping those times open.

Practice self-compassion

It’s impossible to always do all of the things all of the time. If you’re feeling tired or simply don’t have the time on some days, that’s okay! You can’t be perfect. Practice self-compassion in these moments. Maybe on a frazzled day, what you really need is ten minutes of stretching or silent meditation. Health and fitness are so much more than a daily spin class or weekly weight lifting — it includes forgiving yourself and listening to your body. The more you can practice this mindset, the more you’ll feel fulfilled by your changing and evolving fitness routine.

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Bottom line?

Fitness is about a lifestyle of health and wellbeing. It’s about making time, tuning into your body and nourishing it with the activity it needs. The more you can work fitness into the life you’re already living without going out of your way or doing activities you don’t want to do, the more it’ll stick… no matter how busy you are.


Alice is a writer and editor based in Chicago, Illinois. She writes about physical and mental health, fitness and cooking/recipes. Outside of her work she enjoys staying active by running marathons, climbing and biking


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